Can Terra collapse

💥💥💥 Is the aftermath of the Terra crash a glimpse into what might be in store for crypto if it moved into the mainstream without regulation?

Postcrash, do you think that:

– Stablecoins using algorithmic logic have fundamental flaws?

– Venture investing will slow down?

– The endurance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the face of such a massive sell-off illustrates their durability?

– The process helps to filter out those attempting to take advantage of the system and creates a more educated and loyal user base?

– It is necessary for the cryptocurrency ecosystem to be open and willing to collaborate with regulators to avoid similar scenarios in the future?

– Blockchain is a computing paradigm shift that is bigger than Terra’s debacle?

Any other comments?

But will Terra’s collapse precipitate the onset of a “crypto winter”? Check out the poll results!

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