Victor Chia 1exhange

📣Take it from our Clients and Partners! 📣

This month, we feature Victor Chia, CEO of 1exchange (1x)

“As the first fully regulated and licensed private securities exchange in Singapore, security and trust are of utmost importance to us. We are glad to count Propine as a valued partner. Their digital assets custodial solutions give us and our investors greater assurance in this rapidly evolving space,” said Chia.

Propine’s platform democratizes access to the capital market by #tokenizing its products and vehicles to assess them.

As a company, we place the highest priority on serving our valued clients. Propine’s business success is determined by its ability to meet the expectations and needs of its stakeholders, and by the extent to which it evolves with them.

Rather than just taking our word for it, we are always happy to hear what clients and partners think of us, especially how Propine’s solutions can help them achieve their goals.

Contact us today here, and let us help you access the private market confidently.

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