2021 Top Predictions Of Asset Tokenization And Digital Securities

6 Jan 2020 — 2021 Top Predictions of Asset #Tokenization and #DigitalSecurities

1. Tokenization Goes Mainstream

Since the onset of the pandemic, tokenization and blockchain technologies are more relevant than ever. With the global economy recovering in 2021, more assets/securities will be tokenized and listed on exchanges.

2. More Progressive Regulations on Digital Securities

There will be an exponential increase in regulatory clarity and cooperation across jurisdictions, following the footsteps of crypto adoption leaders, that will lead to the unlocking of the full potential of tokenization.

3. #Defi Sees Its Adoption To Digital Securities

Securitize believes that with the right checks and balances and the involvement of regulated entities when necessary, these innovations can be applied to Digital Securities in a “HyFI” format and benefit the capital markets space.

4. Increase Competition with New Digital Custody Players

There will be a significant increase in #digitalassets custody players, with the opening up of regulators in providing digital custody licenses i.e. Securities Commission Malaysia. More established, traditional custody players including banks, broker-dealers and asset managers will embark on providing #digitalcustody solutions.

What are your predictions for 2021?

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