“We expect smart securities to reach the board level with appropriate business cases being built,”

Huge thanks to Angela Teng for featuring our CEO, Tuhina Singh’s quote in her latest article on the rise of crypto securities in Vulcan Post.

In the article, Angela talks about crypto securities and why digitalisation is set to revolutionise the finance industry in the form of crypto tech.

What are fractional assets?
– Through blockchain technology, security tokens are virtual tokens that are digitally represented in smaller fractions of the original asset.
– The tokenised financial assets can include products like bonds, futures, commodities, and stocks.
– Security tokens make such assets much more accessible and attainable as they’re available in smaller lot sizes.

How can we benefit from them?
– Fractional token investments creates greater chances for people to invest as it lowers the entry point and opens the trading market up for more investors.
Tokenization process saves substantial costs – from issuance to post-trade costs in the secondary market.
Smart contracts via blockchain technology enable the automation of otherwise manual processes during issuances and reduces the risks of error-prone processes and improves operational efficiency.
– With token asset structures, the usually illiquid asset classes in traditional securities become liquid as fractional ownership allows for more investors to enter the market and 24/7 secondary market trading.

For Angela’s full article, please check it out here:

Image from Vulcan Post

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