Are There Too Many Digital Exchanges With Few Tokens Listed?

10 Dec 2020 — Does the quote “If you build it, they will come” make good business sense or is it a fallacy?

SIX Digital Exchange and SBI Digital Asset Holdings has just announced a joint venture to build a Singapore-based digital issuance platform, exchange and CSD venue.

While kudos are due, but the question remains: are there already too many #digitalexchanges that are currently live but with very few tokens listed? Shouldn’t the exchanges work on getting more issuers to be interested to list their tokens before launching their platform so as to attract more interest from traders?

Does the mantra really hold true or are we taking the path of least resistance? Shouldn’t we follow a need-based mantra instead of a production-orientated one?

I asked Benjamin Tsai, President of Wave Financial on whether exchanges are going about it the wrong way, during the TADS Awards.

“I think, really [this is] a chicken and the egg type of issue. … I think we’re at the early stages so we’re probably at the ‘everybody wants to open their own exchange’ phase, but there should be soon a consolidation to try to pull all the liquidity together. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see, each country having one [or] two representative security token exchanges over the long term”

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