As What Robin Might Shout To Batman “Holy Propine!”

13 Jan 2020 — As what Robin might shout to Batman “holy #Propine!”

Propine is honoured to be picked as one of the two companies for making the biggest moves in the industry over the past week by The Security Token Show of the . Thank you guys!

Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Gaston Konings, the Security Token Show duo-extraordinaire are the “Batman and Robin” of all things about #securitytokens. Started in July 2019, the 4.6/5 star ratings podcast has been running for 76 episodes thus far where every week the duo discusses the latest #SecurityToken news and Insights.

Kyle said that Propine’s exit from the MAS Sandbox is a major milestone and certainly worthy of his company of the week award.

“Digital asset custody is certainly something that we’re still seeing develop and evolve and so to see the proper licences getting approved and firms moving into that space and doing it in a regulatory way is just fantastic!” Kyle continued.

Robin: “That’s an impossible shot, Batman.”
Batman: “That’s a negative attitude, Robin.”

What Batman said rings true especially to Propine. There’s no “impossible” in our vocabulary and the MAS Sandbox exit is a testament to our hard work that has finally paid off.

Tune here to listen to their podcast


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