Bitcoin To Hit US$30,000?

17 Dec 2020 — Bitcoin, the #crypto market king has repeatedly hit record highs this year, topping US$21,000 for the first time today. While Bitcoin remains highly volatile, it has displayed an unbelievable performance, surging more than 180% in the year to date.

From a recent interview by FinanceAsiaBybit’s founder and CEO Ben Zhou, elaborated that wider adoption of #cryptocurrencies is ‘inevitable,’ and might just be around the corner.

While Daniel Roberts from Yahoo Finance penned that the surge has mostly been attributed to two factors: institutional investment from Wall Street firms, and public buy-in from PayPal and Square, two very big consumer-facing payment names. And with Visa that has quietly been warming up to crypto, might just hold the biggest potential for mainstream adoption.

“Bitcoin is a natural safe haven for those seeking shelter from rapidly increasing central bank money printing and the inflation that everyone agrees is already increasing,” said Sergey Nazarov, CEO of SmartContract

So will US$30,000 be the next psychological milestone for Bitcoin?

Possible but with huge risks according to Thomas Yeung, Market Analyst at InvestorPlace, especially if the U.S. and world economy starts to recover, Bitcoin prices may just head south.


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