Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Bespoke Solution for Institutional Investors

Comprehensive Digital Asset Services

Propine connects traditional and decentralised finance. Our extensive solutions provide best-in-class custody of digital assets, tokenization of real-world assets, liquidity provisioning services and a secure, seamless connection into DeFi ecosystem.

Programmable Policy Engines

Through our programmable policy engines you can customise your accounts, roles, users, authorisations, operational and transaction policies, to maintain a granular control over risk that suit your company’s needs.

Secured and Seamless Connection for Trading and Yield Generation

Our crypto platforms provide seamless connections to liquidity and yield generating providers, allowing you to trade securely and instantly. This increases the capital efficiency and removes the credit risk you take on when trading with liquidity providers. You will also be able to layer your risk framework on top of DeFi protocols when they are accessed via our platform.

Customised Reporting

Download transaction statements and granular activity reports through our user-friendly functional dashboard.


Well-developed REST APIs with webhooks available for integration.

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