CryptWOMANia – It’s Time For Women To Own Their Playbook Version of Crypto

o Only 33% of cryptocurrency investors are women – 2021 study by CNBC
o Only around 5% of NFT art sales went to female artists – 2020/2021 Study by Art Tactic
o Only 38.5% of the 10,000 unique CryptoPunks are female.

In contrast to traditional finance, cryptocurrency was created to ensure fair play and equal access to opportunities and resources for all people. However, it is unfortunate that gender discrimination in the crypto world is so evidently observed.

But this can change.

In celebrating this year’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (MARCH 8) on 8 March 2022, women need to start to capitalise on their unique advantages to succeed and lead in the crypto world.

And it’s happening.

The KuCoin Exchange survey for Turkey in 2021 reveals that interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow, especially among women, amidst an ongoing financial crisis in the country and devaluation of its currency, lira. With 47% of traders and investors are female, the number is fast approaching the sum of all male crypto investors.

So to all female persons around the world, let this be the first of many great examples that brings about a paradigm shift in accelerating gender parity and inclusivity for women in crypto world.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy International Women’s Day!

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