Custody, the Key to Enterprise Adoption

28 May 2020 — “Investors will want to invest across numerous markets and asset types. Custodians will provide single points of access for investors as they do today and the associated record-keeping and reporting.” – Pervaiz PanjwaniCiti

“The challenges are not only the concerns around the security of the private key and transaction addresses, but also how to allow third parties, such as regulators and fund administrators, to receive the pertinent information without compromising the safety of assets.” – Tom CasteleynBNY Mellon

(On exchanges that provide custody), “To achieve far greater liquidity with the participation of institutional investors, this environment needs to evolve with the implementation of separate, institutional-quality custody functions.” – paul stillabowerRBC Investor & Treasury Services

“Having control of private keys on behalf of clients could be the equivalent to custody services, and the existing regulatory requirements should apply to the providers of those services.” – Jörg AmbrosiusState Street

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