David Beckham’s Guild Esports to file for IPO in London

10 Sep 2020 — David Beckham’s Guild Esports, which owns and develops esports teams, intends to raise £20m in London IPO for the recruitment of new players and investment in the brand.

With #tokenization on the rise, some might argue that David should have opted for an #STO instead. STO campaign can costs 40% less than an IPO. Similar to IPO, tokenization allows illiquid asset types to be sold to a wider range of investors while costing much less. Investors will be able enjoy fractional ownership, translating to a lower minimum investment threshold.

Additionally, fan token allows the fan base to interact with their favourite team including voting on exclusive team surveys and be rewarded, as seen by some success stories of Chiliz’s Ethereum-based Socios.comTeam Heretics announced last month to launch fan token through partnership.

As tokenization is taking the sports fan experience to a whole new level, the appreciation of technology and how it can be used to benefit the fans will eventually drive the success of #eSports.

The sports sector is fuelled by fans’ interests. Fans are the reason why the industry exists. The only way to grow the fan base is to ensure that their needs are being taken care of first, thus enhancing the fan experience should be utmost priority.


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