Digital Asset Dividend, The Way to Security Token Mainstream Adoption?

22 Oct 2020 — For listed companies, dividend is either paid in cash or traditional stocks, where they distribute more shares to the investors. However, Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GRNQ) yesterday announced to its shareholders about its intention to distribute a digital asset dividend instead.

Greenpro has within its portfolio a crypto exchange called Cryptosx, that allows issuers to tokenize, conduct STOs and investors to buy and sell #digitalassets. The exchange is currently preparing for its STO’s and Greenpro intends to distribute a portion of the digital assets to its GRNQ shareholders where they will own a direct stake in this trading platform.

Replacing digital assets as dividend payment instead of cash or stocks, provides not just a great opportunity for the company to promote their digital exchange but digital assets in general per se. Once the digital asset dividends are distributed, the more traditional shareholders are able to dabble in the digital asset world and its trading. This will possibly prompt their acceptance and widening their tolerance of trying out new things, such as investing in security tokens, eventually leading to digital asset’s mainstream adoption among the investors.


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