Digital Asset Perspective Series

8 May 2020 — Recently I attended the virtual conference on Digital Securities by Wave Financial. Had a great time and here are some of the highlights.

Professor Monica Singer on the future post CBDC
“Take your imagination down a couple of years into the future. Let’s assume that citizens in the world will have their own wallets with this currency … They’re going to get used to it and then, what will stop them from putting in cell phone apps, security tokens? … it will become totally acceptable because the paradigm would have changed.”

Henry Elder on what to expect in the near future
“Pretty much everything that we see right now is #tokenization of an ownership interest of a corporation that owns the underlying asset … it will be really interesting to see more companies try to tackle the problem of tokenizing direct ownership.”

Sheila Warren on secondary market liquidity
“Putting it back in light of the times we’re in … what I think is more challenging is really about the real need for capital raise right now (for small businesses) … It’s a need that is much acute than need for liquidity.“

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