Digital Assets / Cryptocurrency Is Definitely Here To Stay For A Long Run

23 Jun 2020 — 👏👏👏 Institutional adoption of #digitalassets is definitely happening as we see more and more financial institutions embracing #blockchain technology, investing in blockchain startups or adding it into their investment portfolios.

According to ’s latest article, experts’ views on routes to institutional growth in digital assets and cryptocurrency are positive 👌 and robust 💪.

💥 “Having people migrate from traditional finance into the digital assets space definitely accelerates 🚀 the maturity process.” – Niclas Sandstrom, CEO & co-founder of Hilbert Capital

💥 “Capital allocators are the ultimate goal and we’re likely to see more funds 💰 appearing and being made available.” – Dmitry T., CEO of

💥 “Insurance ☔️ funds will be the next big institutional player to allocate to the digital space: They’re geared towards graduated risk. Part of what they do is take different risks and bets.” – Alex Batlin, founder and CEO of Trustology

“What the investor needs is a clear international regulatory 🏦 framework and proper bank custody services to safeguard the assets.” – Pierre Maliczak, Founder and Group CEO at Altarius

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