Don’t Follow The Crowd, Let The Crowd Follow You

19 Jun 2020 — “Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” – Margaret Thatcher. This seems to the guiding principal of leading S.E.A. countries as they continue their cryptohub race through #digitalassets and #digitalsecurities projects and activities.

“The expansion of the GSX Group Limited‘s Asian presence ( #Malaysia‘s new digital securities exchange) comes at an opportune time, considering the heightened demand for sustainable and tradable financial products in the #ASEAN region, especially with regards to #SME issuance.” – Andrew Pal

“(UnionBank of the Philippines) Plan B is the bank’s hedge towards a future of embedded banking or token/digital asset economy. … and will continue experimentations such as in areas of asset tokenization and #FinTech investments.” – Henry Aguda

” #Singapore is an important hub for global FinTech community and its ongoing development. AMTD Group sees the supreme potential of CapBridge’s technological and commercial growth in the Southeast Asian digital asset space and beyond.” – Calvin Choi (AMTD’s majority stake acquisition on Capbridge)

“This should enable more people at the grassroots level to buy the ( #Thailand) government’s saving bonds.” – Patricia Mongkhonvanit on PDMO issuing government bonds through #blockchain distribution.


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