Dream Big. Start Small. Move Fast.

25 Mar 2021 — “The slogan of “Dream big. Start small. Move fast” brought together regulators, startups, investors, corporates and everyone else to achieve a common goal.” – Singapore: The FinTech Nation

It all began with my CEO, Tuhina Singh when back in 2011, blockchain was quite a hype and people were saying that it’s a scam. But from a technological perspective, she realised that it was going to change the face of finances and she could see so many problems that could get solved.

And just like the slogan, Tuhina dreamt big, started small but moved very fast, to work on Propine in Nov 17.

Authors Varun Mittal 海王-米塔尔 and Lillian Koh said that in a regulated industry, our fear is our biggest strength, pushing us to comply with a wide range of ever-evolving regulations.

Tuhina was fearful but at the same time fearless with her relentless pursuit of success that has finally paid off when Propine graduated as the first regulated independent digital assets custodian from MAS.

We are proud to be one of Singapore’s homegrown successes, and deeply honoured to be featured in this latest publication. Enormous thanks to Shadab Taiyabi and the team of The Fintech Nation for featuring Propine.

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