Experts Estimate Securities Digitisation Has Potential To Be $1,600 Trillion Market!

14 Aug 2020 — We speak of the new technology, #Blockchain and its successful application in the financial services.

We hear about new venture capital funds raised through #digitalsecurities / #STOs.

We see #tokenization of assets happening especially in real estate projects.

What about the digitisation of current securities?

Referencing the latest report from Kearney, The Securities Industry: A Digital Future Beckons, some experts estimate securities digitisation has the potential to become a $1,600 trillion market.

Evolution of private markets
💥 1980s – paper-based ledgers
💥 2000s – Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents
💥 Now – digital securities using blockchain technology

Early this week, a new bill in Germany has been proposed to digitise securities with blockchain. The draft law serves to modernise German securities law and its associated supervisory law.

Accordingly, to ensure the marketability of securities and legal compliancy, it requires a suitable replacement of the paper document, for example, by entry in a register based on the block chain technology.

It’s encouraging to see that Germany is finally jumping on the bandwagon and hopefully, more regulators in the world will follow suit soon.


Image: Kearney – The Securities Industry: A Digital Future Beckons

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