Family Offices Are Ready to Consider Security Tokens in Their Portfolios

2 Jun 2020 — From the industry findings at Security Tokens Realised Global Summit, #STO platforms are slowly getting traction with interest from Family Offices, Alternative Fund Managers and High Net Worth Individuals. ditto tv

💡Constantin Kogan, from BitBull Capital recently shared in CoinDesk “Digital assets are destined to take up a more critical position in the portfolio of family offices. This narrative packs a punch because diversification, lack of correlation with other assets and liquidity remain paramount to the activities of this class of institutional investors.”

The Stan Group (Holdings) Limited, the family-owned office that backed Liquefy, a blockchain firm announced Buy-a-Brick programme powered by #blockchain technology to reward staff members through real estate #tokenizationAdrian Lai Stan, YS Tang

Dr. Lidia Bolla co-founder of vision& | Your Window to Blockchain Investments shared “Family offices are most often investing in #digitalassets backed by something that they know, with fundamental value. The most important thing is to conduct proper due diligence. Only invest in projects that run the extra mile to comply with all regulations.”

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