First In Asia: Bonds.PH, A Blockchain-Enabled App For Distribution Of Retail Treasury Bonds

28 Jul 2020 — The Philippine Bureau of the Treasury, UnionBank of the Philippines and Philippine Digital Asset Exchange are the first in Asia to launch a #blockchain-enabled app, Bonds.PH, for the distribution of retail treasury bonds.

Bonds.PH is completely digital and available 24/7 and it makes bond investing easy for the unbanked and overseas Filipinos by downloading the app and pay using e-wallets, online banking and over-the-counter for as low as USD 100.

“This is the first retail treasury bond issuance to leverage on blockchain technology – in Asia, and likely the world” Edwin Bautista

“BTr’s efforts to build a DLT registry for bond issuance accelerates the success of the most exciting technology of our time” Sopnendu Mohanty MAS

“This advantage allows the blockchain not only to preserve truth, but also to automate payments, enforce rules, and facilitate complex transactions via smart contracts at little to no cost” Nichel Gaba PDAX

“We look forward to the results from this initiative, which will contribute greatly to future DLT use cases for capital markets” Ephyro Luis Amatong SEC

“Democratizing investment through digital channels and DLT allows all Filipinos to contribute to and accrue the benefits of nation building” Justo A. Ortiz DLTAP


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