From Europe’s G-Spot to CBDC’s Sweet-Spot

9 Jul 2020 — From Europe’s G-Spot to CBDC’s Sweet-Spot. “Nobody knows where it is but when you find it – it’s amazing” was the 2018 Lithuania’s capital tourism campaign slogan.

While it seems that #Lithuania took a bold step and put risque humor in its tourism campaign to increase the visibility of its capital city, Vilnius, things just got serious recently as the country has gotten itself the sweet spot of attention once again, but this time being the first country in #EU to actually start trialling a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

According to,, EU will see its first #CBDC as soon as this week through Lithuania’s #LBCOIN. This is making history not just for EU, but across the world. While many countries have been exploring CBDC, most haven’t gone further than research, and only a few have started trialling.

With its Unesco world heritage coastline, Lithuania is a spectacular country but its biggest problem is not many (especially from Asia and no disrespect intended) know where it is, let alone how great it is.

That said, with LBCOIN’s pre-sale starting this week, Lithuania is set to become a leading EU tech hub and will no longer just be famous for its hot air balloons and ancient language.

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