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Future of Finance: Priorities, projects and barriers in digital assets

Earlier this year, Propine was invited to participate in the study by the Future of Finance (FOF), entitled “Priorities, projects and barriers in digital assets”, and the report is finally out.

The research was conducted during a period in which the cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) markets experienced a substantial loss of value for the first time since 2018. The questionnaire asked respondents to assess what they see as the most significant obstacles to progress in the adoption of digital assets and to describe what they see as the major regulatory constraints on the growth of the digital asset markets.

Some of the highlights of the findings include:

· The current bear market has not killed interest in digital assets: half the respondents are expanding, launching or running a digital asset service for their clients
· The major reason for continued engagement is the massive potential for tokenization, not just of securities but of real estate and privately managed assets
· Tokenization is a priority for traditional financial market infrastructures, brokers and custodians, and the new breed of digital exchanges but also for crypto-currency exchanges

Full report here

The good news amid the crypto crash is that most agree the interest in digital assets has not diminished despite the focus now being on tokenizing securities and other assets.

Propine is a licensed digital assets custodian with tokenization and digital securities solutions, and is witnessing the exponential growth of the digital securities industry, from $US 76M in 2019 to $20 B in 2022!

If you are interested in how tokenization and digital securities can help your business, please email us here.

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