Get On The Security Token Ride Before You’re Left Behind

14 Jul 2020 — Many have suggested that tokenization has not yet taken off due to ICO’s bad reputation, lack of liquidity and regulatory uncertainty. But the question remains, will we give in to instant gratification’s seduction eventually?

Jonah Schulman mentioned in his latest article, that the current state of global capital markets has yet to progress to our instant gratification standards as the current technological infrastructure is archaic and slow. He concluded that capital markets will soon catch up with our societal expectations through #blockchain technology and #securitytokens. Or will it?

Nowadays, through internet, it seems natural to getting what we want and when we want it. The more we are offered instant gratification, the more we will expect it, and the more we are used to getting what we want immediately, the more pressure on organisations to fulfil the yearning. This I believe will hasten the process of #digitalsecurities adoption.

Finally, as we get more impatient, we spend less time on internet to check facts and truths, and thus we can only expect more inaccuracy. Blockchain as an immutable solution will ensure transaction’s accuracy while enhancing trust and integrity.

What say you? Isn’t it time for you to embark on your security tokens journey.


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