Going to Crypto School is Compulsory for Potential Investors Krub

9 Apr 2021 — If you were to scour the web for things to consider before investing in cryptocurrencies, you will find that most if not all would advise you to be well prepared and do proper study before jumping onto the bandwagon. This is because the crypto-market is extremely volatile thus we really need to be careful before investing.

That’s why on Friday last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC) committee has agreed to establish new regulations covering cryptocurrency trading that includes a free training course that would encourage people to have a better understanding of the product and protect investors against trading risks.

The weekly “Crypto 101” training course hosted by the Thai Digital Assets Association (TDAA) via the Start-to-Invest Facebook Live platform started yesterday, April 8 and covered 7 episodes in total. Some of the topics include: what is and why crypto; the difference compared with blockchain and token; the scams involving crypto; what are digital assets exchanges; and how to trade crypto. The post on the course on its Facebook has been generating very favourable comments and response thus far.

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