Great News For STO Mass Adoption

24 Jul 2020 — While #digitalsecurities seems to be taking centre stage as the go-to way to raise capital, Asia’s uptake is still slow compared to US and Europe. A scour on the web suggests only a handful of SEA’s STOs were launched in Singapore and Malaysia.

The article at CoinDesk by Sam Reynolds, reported that this form of equity funding has not lived up to the hype of being a next-generation activity in Asia, especially in Thailand and Taiwan.

Still, the latest on , Dubai’s DIFC-based investment banking and wealth management firm’s, commencement in raising $10 million for a Japanese client on July 27, 2020, through the issuance of digital securities, marks the first major globally compliant digital securities offering in #MEASA. This is a key milestone for DIFC and Dubai and certainly great news for STO mass adoption. Source: ZAWYA

“In contrast to most global offerings of Digital Securities, which have been predominantly start-ups or early stage entities, this issuer is a matured entity with an established track record and tax paying entity from Japan” – V.Gowribalan (Gowri), CEO GRIP

“Innovation like this will propel economic development in the region and illustrates how DIFC is driving the future of finance” – Arif Amiri, CEO DIFC


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