How And When Will Tokenization / Digital Securities Reach Mass Adoption?

9 Jun 2020 — How and when will #tokenization / #digitalsecurities reach mass adoption? Whatever the determining factors are, the good news is that everyone in the ecosystem is walking the talk!

Through standardization and simplification of tokenization, InterWork Alliance (IWA) aims to understand business requirements before technology solutions so as to drive emerging tokenized ecosystems and global adoption. Marley Gray Cointelegraph Rachel Wolfson

Regulatory clarity will spark widespread tokenization and the future will be shaped according to how large entities choose to adopt the technology. R Cooper, CEO of Digivault Cointelegraph Samuel Haig

Blockchain will reach mass adoption when no one knows they’re using blockchain … The situation won’t change unless traditional investor protection features will be provided on #blockchainStephen McKeon

Some strongly believe that if you’re doing an #STO to fundraise, you are simply not good enough for venture funding … We are not building a brand new industry with new rules. We are creating a more efficient tech layer for the existing system, shaping the future of finance. Masha Vyazemskaya and Xenia Vyazemskaya Finance Magnates

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