How Are Digital Securities Disrupting Traditional Capital Markets?

17 Mar 2021 — Enormous thanks to Latin Leap for giving our Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Ian Fong the opportunity to share his thoughts on the future of digital securities.

Highlights are as below:

On which is the best market to venture into, with digital securities being a nascent solution:

“It is about striking a balance between a market that is more sophisticated and ready to embrace such a change, with a market that is new but with greater regulations clarity by its central bank. The industry stakeholders within each market should be better informed, have a greater understanding of the technology and willing to take the first step in trying out such solutions.”

On why there’s so few digital securities success cases to date:

“Digital securities is still at a nascent stage and the uptake as the go-to method to raise capital is still very slow especially in Asia. While the traditional markets are adapting to the token economy, globally, there is a considerably uneven approach to regulation and adoption of digital securities. One of the biggest challenges is getting more clients to be interested in digital securities solutions especially in countries where digital securities have yet to be regulated.”

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