How Are Institutional Investors Approaching Digital Securities?

11 Dec 2020 — As #digitalsecurities are taking the world by storm and the increase number of progressive central banks that are regulating this new asset class, one may wonder how are institutional investors approaching this opportunity.

At a virtual event organised by The Asset Events+, , Global Head of Digital Products – Security Services at Deutsche Bank believed that some of the early adopters were family offices and high net worth individuals. However, they have a pain point at present because such assets are kept in physical disks or ‘hot’ wallets on exchanges, which are not secured and trusted solutions.

With how regulation has evolved to catch up with the burgeoning of digital securities, he added that many other client types are emerging and working with these types of assets.

1. Exclusive crypto or digital asset funds
2. Traditional asset managers with new #digitalassets desks or funds within their grander portfolios
3. Sovereigns and pension funds that have investment committee challenges in making sure that they really get exposure to this asset class while some of them are applying wait and see approach, or rather than investing directly, they’re investing into funds that invest.
4. Corporates i.e. PayPal
5. #FinTechs incl. raising money with these assets


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