How Many Service Providers Who Store Digital Assets Are Regulated By Financial Authority?

5 May 2020 — For the past years, we have observed technological disruptions in capital markets due to #blockchain technology. With #tokenization, it has created a new form of fundraising and trading, thereby fostering a new digital asset class that are subjected to laws and regulations.

Although many key regulatory questions remain unanswered, countries have since started to explore the regulation of digital securities and the global trend has been towards digital securities equivalent to traditional securities.

According to a recent survey by Digital Assets Custody, only 26% of respondents indicated they are currently regulated by a supervisory authority. When it comes to fiduciaries, a third-party custodian is required to meet compliance and legal requirements and imagine that 74% digital assets custodians are NOT regulated.

Whether you are an SME, lawyer or financial advisor, If you or your clients are interested to raise funds through digital securities token, be sure to engage a regulated and independent, third party digital asset custodian so as to ensure a secured, regulatory compliant and successful private offering.

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