How to Custody Your Digital Assets

If you’re an institutional investor but new to the world of crypto, figuring out how to custody your digital assets can be overwhelming, confusing, and complicated.

Thankfully, the AIMA – The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) has recently published a new industry guide on digital asset custody for institutional investors catering to those who are seeking the services of a digital asset custodian or, to the extent legally permissible, a custodial infrastructure provider.

Co-sponsored by ECI and PwC, the guide provides sound practices and key considerations around due diligence for institutional investors determining how to custody their digital assets.


“Similar to traditional financial products, for many investors, a digital asset needs to be held and custodied by a regulated depositary or custodian,” – Licensed and regulated

“…, potential users of that service need to consider the terms upon which the service offering is provided, the regulatory framework sitting around the custody provider, any insurance provisions that are required or are in place and the legal basis upon which the assets are held,” – Insured and audited

“An institutional investor looking for a DA Custodian to custody its digital assets should seek a DA Custodian who has the ability to support the types of digital assets that align with the investor’s investment strategy,” – Bespoke solution

“As demand for these services increases, it is inevitable that external oversight will be called upon to validate the proper custody of these assets. This will emerge in the form of audit and assurance offerings from professional service providers,” – Certification and Standards

So if you think Propine is just blowing our trumpet, think again. Whether you are hedge funds, venture capital firms, private equity firms, asset managers, asset owners, exchanges, corporate treasuries, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, FinTechs, miners, or high net worth individuals, don’t just take our word for it.

Find out for yourself by downloading the guide now, and witness why Propine passes with flying colours as a bespoke, licensed, audited, insured, and ISO 27001 certified institutional crypto custodian.

Download the guide here.

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