Infinite Fleet MMO Game Launches STO With $1 Million Investment

22 Jan 2020 — To Infinite (Fleet) and Beyond! – TGIF, wanna play video games?

There are over two billion gamers across the world and that is why the industry may just be the panacea for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Infinite Fleet, a space styled MMO RTS game has launched a #SecurityTokenOffering #STO on the STOKR platform with a major investment of $1 Million by Tether’s parent company, Tether International Limited and the STO round has so far raised over $2.5 million in funding since its launch on January 17th.

Subject to local securities regulations, the general public essentially are able to invest in the STO in select European Union countries using Euro (EUR), #Bitcoin (BTC), and #Tether (USDT) starting at $100.

Infinite Fleet’s official in-game currency will be the #INF token, a #cryptocurrency that can be taken and purchased out of the game by players. The token can be transferred to a player’s #crypto wallet and interacted within the game.

With what it claims to be the first MMO game that truly bring together gaming and crypto assets at a massive scale, the game is backed by Charlie LeeAdam Back, Max Keiser and created by Samson Mow and other veteran AAA game designers and tech visionaries.

Happy Friday!

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