Interested To Apply To Singapore’s UOB For The Position Of VP For Crypto Security Administration?

4 Dec 2020 — Interested to apply to Singapore’s United Overseas Bank (UOB) for the position of VP for crypto security administration?

According to the recent report from Yogita Khatri in The Block, the role “VP — Crypto Security Administrator” appears to be related to cryptography for developing banking security solutions, but it doesn’t rule out a possibility that UOB could be developing a crypto custody solution.

Most big MNCs appoint job recruitment agencies to free them from the nitty-gritty of hiring. This is true especially for strategic confidentiality, companies that are expanding or developing a team but not ready to go public about what they’re up to until the big launch.

However, in this case, word has gotten out as UOB has publicly posted the position in their website. Was it a case of HR, oblivious to a potential crypto project launch or a lapse in internal comms to keep the matter quiet before the official announcement? We can only guess but time will tell.

In October, DBS set tongues wagging as they unintentionally unveiled its new suite of digital asset products and services in an unplanned release of a new web page. Good news to the #crypto community though, as such developments appear to suggest that crypto is going mainstream in Singapore.


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