Iris Token Allows Fans To Immerse Themselves In Real-Time Sporting Action.

4 Sep 2020 — To all sports fan out there. Have you ever imagine what it’s like to be in the middle of an arena with your favourite players, amid the crowds cheering behind? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can be ‘in’ the action, and experience what the players are seeing during the game?

You may think that, “Yeah, for sure, through a simulated computer sports game right?” Not exactly. Apparently, this time is for real, and it can happen during a live game with real players.

According to BRK, its soon to be launched, ‘Iris Token’ will allow fans the ability to see the game from the personal vantage point of their favourite players, and immerse themselves in real-time sporting action. With user-controlled vantage points via cameras situated on player jerseys, this allow sports fans to see the views the pros see during the game, in practices and in the locker room.

Accordingly, the ability of a fan to pay with a #token to literally see the practice court or the game from the perspective of their favourite sports star is a compelling proposition while making sports content more “real” for end-users.

“The “Iris Token” represents a minimum targeted raise of USD $10m, which will be entirely non-dilutive to our current shareholder base. – Daniel Serruya, CEO of BRK, Inc.


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