It’s Friday, And Let’s Get A Little Philosophical

3 Jul 2020 — Democracy as a work of love ❤️ and we are not talking about politics here. The art that happens in Internet

Everything is online nowadays and soon everything will be smart, internet will be everywhere and we will all be missing one thing – missing of not knowing everything.

“We want to think of the internet as a physical place. It is not about making the virtual physical, but rather to argue that the virtual also exists physically.” – Tien Wei Woon

Internet of Information – democratisation of Knowledge

Internet of Things – democratisation of Presence

Internet (of) Art – democratisation of Appreciation

Internet of Value – democratisation of Trust

Digital Securities / Security Tokens – democratising Access to Private Markets

Fear is good if it triggers action and does not lead to panic or procrastination as it could hurt a business far more than its fiercest competitor.

Why wait for the inevitable to happen when you can take the bull🐃 by its horns now and jump on the bandwagon to raise funds through digital securities / security token offering.

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