Launch of oPinion, a New Content Experience at Medium

22 May 2020 — Launch of oPinion, a New Content Experience at Medium, in Response to the #DigitalSecurities Adoption Movement – Calling out contributors who are interested in sharing their articles.

As part of the edification efforts, we are launching #oPinion, where the community can actively participate by contributing relevant articles, to promote the thriving community and mass adoption of digital securities.

oPinion aims to present #thoughtleadership content, feature articles and opinion pieces including the latest happenings in digital securities and its ecosystem. Such contents will be useful for businesses to find out more about #securitytokens offerings; for investors to understand how they can diversify and broaden their investment portfolios. It also educates and explains how #blockchain innovations are helping to make digital securities deliver and more accessible to humankind.

oPinion is not just a blog and certainly not money-making. It serves as a community driver towards digital securities adoption into mainstream. For those interested, please send your articles to I will be knocking at some of you writers’ doors, for your permission to re-publish them and hopefully you’ll say yes.

#tokenization #propine #digitalassets

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