Launch of Propine’s newsletter, oPinion

21 April 2020 — Amidst the current pandemic, things are not normal out there. While lives continue to change in the near future, life must still continue on in the hope that we will reach a new normalcy soon.

During this difficult time, regardless of our roles, we must work together to get through it, and that includes how we interact with one another and learn from each other.

As such, we’re excited to launch our inaugural Propine Digital Securities Roundup, oPinion, which offers bite-size news and social feature articles that includes the latest happenings and trends surrounding digital securities and its ecosystem. These contents are specifically curated for businesses to understand better on how to succeed in their private placements through security token offerings and investors seeking to diversify and broaden their investment portfolios.

Should you have any exciting digital securities news or announcements that you would like us to feature in our newsletter, please share your stories and send to We welcome any feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

To subscribe to oPinion, please drop an email to marketing 

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