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Macro Shifts & Emergence of Bitcoin as an Asset Class

Propine together with CapBridge are pleased to present the upcoming educational webinar – Macro Shifts & Emergence Of Bitcoin As An Asset Class. The event will be held on 13th April, at 12pm SGT.

This webinar will explore what is driving the institutional demand for Bitcoin, how investors can leverage on this new asset class and why including them in the portfolio composition is becoming the most important asset allocation decision.

Cryptocurrencies are at the intersections of technological innovation, finance and monetary policy. For the past years, the interest in crypto has skyrocketed and there is tremendous focus and attention on the crypto industry.

From MicroStrategy, Tesla, and The Brooker Group, to Stone Ridge, Meitu and many more, the list continues to increase in perpetuity and there seems to be no stopping to the growth of companies investing in Bitcoin as a way to diversify their treasuries.

Our COO, Suresh Gopal will be moderating this session with expert panelists including Johnson Chen, CEO of CapBridge, Akshat Jaswal, CFA, CEO of Ucap Asset Management Singapore, Irfan Ahmad, VP of State Street Digital and Grace Chong, Head of Financial Regulatory SG of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

So has Bitcoin emerged from the shadows, being co-opted by establishment institutions and become a legitimate alternative asset for investment portfolios?

To find out, join us with a roundtable of industry experts by registering here, and explore how Bitcoin as an asset class is evolving as we tackle some of the biggest questions raised.

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