Majority Of Crypto Custodians Used By Funds Are Regulated

4 Jun 2021 — The 3rd annual Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report, PwC and the AIMA – The Alternative Investment Management Association examined the global crypto hedge fund landscape and the industry’s position on #crypto and #digitalassets among the traditional hedge funds.

– Total AuM of Crypto Hedge Funds almost doubled in 2020 to reach US$3.8 B (US$2 B in 2019)

– Crypto Hedge Funds on average returned 128% in 2020 (+30% in 2019)

– 47% of Traditional Hedge Fund managers surveyed representing US$180 B of AuM are already invested or looking at investing in crypto Crypto custody landscape

– No market leader and industry is fragmented

– Some funds have more than one custodian for counterparty risk management reasons or to accommodate full asset list – Majority of custodians used by funds are regulated or licensed

– A handful of custodians also have SOC / ISO27001 reports to provide a level of transparency around financial reporting and operational controls

If you are looking for fund investment or subscription in cryptocurrencies, look no further. Propine, the first independent regulated digital assets custodian by MAS will be able to provide the connectivity with crypto exchanges to effectively value and account for these assets.

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