Malaysia 5.0 – The Importance of Digital Asset Exchanges

20 Aug 2020 — Yesterday, a significant milestone in the capital market revolution happened in the UK. Archax has finally been licensed to conduct the first ever FCA regulated #digitalsecurities exchange.

While nearer to home, Malaysia has moved fast and furiously in the nationwide digitalisation efforts. With the recent appointment of Datuk Wira Dr. Hj. Rais Hussin, as the new chairman of the , all eyes are now on him to lead the country’s digital economy.

In his latest penning, he stressed on why digital asset exchanges are essential in Malaysia 5.0

✅ Enable monetisation of participants’ activity over this digital infrastructure

✅ Facilitate dynamic asset conversion that bridge the current marketplaces with new e-marketplaces

✅ Deployment of capital and move assets seamlessly between platforms without multiple intermediaries.

✅ Offer necessary redundancies in capital markets, while providing enhanced liquidity and transparency especially for start-ups and SME.

To date, Securities Commission Malaysia has registered three Recognised Market Operators to establish and operate digital asset exchanges in Malaysia: Luno Malaysia; SINEGY Technologies; and Tokenize Xchange.


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