Malaysia Traditional Bank Follows Suit In Crypto Adoption

9 Feb 2021 — It was just last week that we witnessed an exemplary case of FinTech and traditional finance institution playing well together – the partnership between UOB Kay Hian and was formed.

And now in Malaysia, ’s unit has announced to buy a 19% stake in Tokenize Malaysia, with the aim of building a digital ecosystem to offer customers a wide spectrum of financial products and services, including #digitalassets.

Being the largest independent investment bank by equity trading and volume and with the largest network of stockbrokers in the country, Kenanga is one of the top 3 Malaysian stockbrokers by market share.

Tokenize Xchange, an online exchange that allows trading of #cryptocurrencies such as #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, is one of the 3 licensed Digital Asset Exchanges by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

#Propine extends our enormous congratulations to both Datuk Wai Leong Chay, Group MD of Kenanga Investment Bank and Hong Q., CEO of Tokenize Xchange

The latter added that the combined reach, expertise and resources is game-changing and will allow the company to scale their presence in Malaysia. Together with Kenanga, they will shape the digital asset landscape and build an exciting path forward for investors in the country.


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