Marketing – The Answer To Secondary Market Liquidity For Security Tokens / Digital Securities?

26 Aug 2020 — #Marketing – the answer to secondary market liquidity for security tokens / #digitalsecurities?

The celebration had started. The champagne was popped. The glasses were clinked. Finally, your #securitytokens (ST) are trading on a legitimate exchange. Now what?

A. Sit around and pray that the exchanges will market them for you to potential investors?

B. Oh dear, where’s my marketing plan?

C. %#$%^@, I forgot to hire a marketing person.

D. All the above

Is marketing in STO an afterthought for your company? Shouldn’t it be one of the most important factor to determine the success of your tokens liquidity?

To be a stakeholder-centric organisation, two key imperatives of marketing are personalisation and valued engagement.

Identify and build a detail profile of your target investors and their customer journeys.

Categorise them into three groups (ST virgin, intermediate and pro) and value-engage with each group constantly through personalised content.

Also don’t forget investor relations experts to help in communicating the story to all parties involved.

Remember, the days of “build it and they will come” are long gone. You may have successfully issued your tokens but only marketing will help to create a market for your tokens.


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