Members And Partners Map 2021 From Blockchain Association Singapore

21 May 2021 — In the latest of the members & partners map 2021 from the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS), Propine, is leading the pack in the provision of regulated digital assets custody service in Singapore.

Among the DeFi players that includes exchanges, trading and custody provider, Propine is the only digital assets custody provider represented in the category. In the Financial services category focusing on Capital Market, Propine is recognised again as the only digital assets custody service provider.

Being the first independent and regulated Digital Asset Custody service provider in Singapore, we actively advocate for the blockchain industry and fight for what’s best for the businesses and our collective clients.

To help the industry to grow into its full potential, we continue to engage with regulators to keep up to date with market developments and taking the lead in setting market standard practices and developing the ecosystem. We ensure that there is transparency in our services and the activities adhere to the services authorised.

Enormous thanks to BAS and congratulations to all the rest of members and partners. Let’s work together towards a common vision so as to achieve long-term blockchain successes for our community.

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