Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Which Is The Fairest Of Them All? Digital Securities, Of Course!

14 Jan 2020 — Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?
#Digitalsecurities, of course!

Security #tokenization or in a broader sense, the token economy provides a fairer financial world by greatly reducing the friction involved in the creation and trading of securities.

With the recent tumble extended by Bitcoin, it’s an opportune time to shed some light on what essentially digital securities are, especially to investors who are still new to this new digital asset class.

1. Digital securities are NOT #Bitcoin or #cryptocurrencies but digitized 2.0 version of traditional securities. Investment is on the underlying assets, and blockchain technology is used to create tokens that is a digital representation of securities.

2. Accredited investors can invest in a company that isn’t traded publicly without going through a VC firm and there’s generally no locked-in period. The tokens that investors received are essentially tradable on digital security exchanges, which provide immediate liquidity.

3. Investments are not geographical restricted, and investors can easily invest 24/7, globally.

4. They provide immutable record of ownership, are self-compliant through #blockchain #smartcontracts and regulated by authorities.

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