Comtech Gold

More regulated products coming our way!

Enormous thanks to Rhonita Patnaik for featuring Propine as a MAS-regulated digital custodian in your latest article at Khaleej Times.

On behalf of Propine, huge congratulations to Navin Dsouza, Chief Executive Officer at Comtech Gold for having received Shariah Compliance Certification for its ComTech gold token (Ticker: CGO), thus becoming the industry’s first to be awarded a gold #tokenization product in the Mena region.

ComTech Gold token is built on xdc network which is EVM compatible, making it possible to make the transaction at near zero gas fees with high transaction speed.

Digital assets are definitely here to stay, and compliance is needed more than ever, especially after its recent crash. Here’s to more regulated products coming our way!

Full article here.

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