My Optimism In Security Tokens Wears Heavy Boots And Is Loud

20 May 2020 — Borrowing the quote from Henry Rollins, my optimism in Security Tokens wears heavy boots and is loud. This is especially so after chancing upon Jonah Schulman’s article in Security Token Group’s platform.

From his preliminary research, he may have discovered the holy grail of investors – uncorrelated assets. He cautioned that it needs years of evidence to make a definitive claim, but it’s intriguing how security tokens have performed thus far.

The aggregate return for the security token fund is a positive 2.35% while it performed almost 12% better than the average of the three major US indices (-9.5%)! In addition, aggregate view of all security tokens compared to US markets, R (correlation coefficient)= 0.19, revealed a weak positive correlation.

We can’t be 100% sure that security tokens are recession-proof but data indicates early signs that they may potentially bring positive returns even amidst crisis.

To Victor ZhangJeff Dorman, Kyle R. ChapmanNick CowanErick PinosNicholas PelecanosMike NovogratzIlia ObraztcovDave HendricksHerwig Gaston KoningsKyle Sonlin, thank you for having a positive outlook in blockchain’s finance apps amidst current pandemic!

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