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15 May 2020 — Poll results are out! Top 3 weakest links are Regulator, Infrastructure, Exchange while the strongest link forward are Regulator, Investor, Exchange and Issuer (tied)Greenwich Associates 2019 study reported top 3 challenges are: Regulator, Investor, Post-Trade Activities. While the sore thumb is Issuer, for those reflected, isn’t it time to do more?

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Here’s what some experts are saying.

We cannot attract institutional investors without clear regulations and important partnerships. Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia

How can we work not just with the existing regulatory frameworks, but also distinct frameworks? How can we interface with them to digitize these securities? Trevor Koverko

I believe that the education (on investors) and infrastructure are two things that are missing in the industry before we can have mainstream adoption. Benjamin Tsai

We need attorneys committed to understanding asset digitization, and to view tokenization as a strong path for clients … If legislators and regulators can work together across jurisdictions, even better. Derek Edward Schloss

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S: Pui Ki

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