Propine Approached To Be Part Of TADS AWARDS

30 Sep 2020 — When Propine was approached by Coinstreet PartnersCamille Yau to be part of the exciting , I couldn’t help but wonder how this amazing event will be the onset for the maturity of asset #tokenization and #digitalsecurities industry.

Just like the movie industry, the first commercial screening took place in Paris at the late 19th century and it took more than 30 years before the 1st Academy Awards was presented in Los Angeles. This not only showed appreciation of the community’s best works but also proof that the industry was flourishing and here to stay.

Awards are needed to increase credibility for our industry and participating, expands our business networks and opens doors to new business and new contacts. Kudos to TADS team for organising this inaugural event, as we celebrate and recognise the significant contributions and distinguished achievements of industry professionals and enterprises.

The mainstream adoption has not happened yet because people are not talking enough about it. I call upon the players in the industry to come together, celebrate the best in us and participate in this adoption movement as nominations starts tomorrow.

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