Propine Featured In BLOCKDATA As One Of The 50 Global Digital Assets Custody Providers

Enormous thanks to BLOCKDATA for featuring Propine as one of the 50 global digital assets custody provider in their latest study.

Accordingly, the 3 growth drivers for Digital Asset Custody

1. Many retail investors are diversifying their portfolio into non-inflationary money

2. Corporations and Institutions are driving roughly the other half of the demand.

3. Developments in regulations and legislations are enabling an increasing number of institutions to provide custody services to their clients.

The study shows that out of the top 100 banks by assets under management, only 16 in total are at the forefront of the race i.e. have an active solution, developing one, or announced plans to develop a solution.

The changing regulations and legislations around the world, have legally allowed banks to offer these services to their customers.

One thing for certain is that institutional adoption of digital assets is not going away and institutions that don’t want to be left out or be disrupted have to make some serious moves fast.

In this fast-evolving market, collaborate with Propine today and we will help you to scale quickly through our regulated digital assets custody platform.

Full report:

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