Propine has made it to over 20K followers on LinkedIn. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

This really matters to us because as one of the pioneers in the digital assets industry, we have a responsibility to share and educate the community at large through our regular social OPEDs, editorial features and whitepapers.

While blockchain technology and DeFi may still be at its infancy, their wide range of use cases are undeniably the bridge to the future of finance.

Therefore, with a growing community in our social platform, more will be able to appreciate and keep pace with the future of information and value transfer. All being well, this will soon lead to #crypto becoming part of the mainstream financial system.

Nevertheless, this only happens because of your continuous support. Thus, enormous thanks for believing in us and helping us get to this milestone. You all are just amazing! We promise to continue to do better in contributing to the crypto community and ecosystem.

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