Propine Nominated As Best Crypto Custody Product And Solutions For Inaugural Crypto Awards!

27 May 2021 — Propine is nominated as BEST CRYPTO CUSTODY product & solutions for the inaugural Crypto Awards!

Produced by Finexpo (FINEXPO.ORG), this virtual event is the first honest rating of crypto projects that accepts feedback and reviews from real crypto users and customers through a transparent process of online voting and comments.

What is special about Crypto Awards is that it is actually people’s choice. 85 nominations are created by real market experts to provide a fair and transparent competition between over 1,000 industry projects, companies, exchanges and even people. Such ratings help potential clients and new people in the crypto industry select the most reliable space for a safe investment.

And since the winners are decided by the public, to our clients, business partners and associates and the crypto community, we are counting on your support to vote for us. We really appreciate any help you can provide and many thanks for considering our request.

The voting for Propine is now going live at and please remember to give some comments that are meaningful to other users. The announcement of the winners is planned to be held at Blockchain Fest 2021 in December.

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