Propine Nominated For 2020 Asian Startup Award By PitchDeckAsia

24 Dec 2020 — Since #Propine’s birth in 2018, the company’s journey has been just amazing. Of course not without the usual start-up quirks and antics, coupled with roller coaster ride of ups and down, facing rejections and acceptance along the way, and days of utter hopelessness, speckled with ones of complete euphoria, all which can be overwhelming.

Well, just like any start-ups, Propine was optimistic. Not just blindly optimistic but with a realistic optimism, having faith that we would prevail amid challenging times ahead. And we did!

We are almost into the final stretch of the year, and it has been quite a tumultuous journey for all of us especially with current ongoing pandemic. Our challenge remains to constantly convince stakeholders that the technology we are building will be able to deliver real business value.

Propine has been nominated for the 2020 Asian Startup #Award by Pitchdeck Asia. Since the winners are decided by a public vote, we’d love to get your support to re-affirm our position.

To our investors, business partners, suppliers, clients and the community, we are counting on you to vote for us and help Propine to end the year with a bang and start a great new year ahead.

Please vote at and hope that we can make the community proud! Thank you.

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